Welcome to the Colorado Firearms Training School.

If you are looking for a firearms training school that focuses on the basic fundamentals of marksmanship and uses proven techniques, you have found it. Our instructors use teaching methods that are easily understood and produce results. The Colorado Firearms Training School provides our clients with the skills they need to protect themselves and their families. If you are interested in improving your shooting skills for personal protection, hunting, competition or just target shooting. . .

You have found it! with the Colorado Firearms Training School.

All instructional classes are taught on a private basis working around your schedule. Group classes will also be available. Call or email the school to schedule your training. 


For nearly 20 years the instructors of the Colorado Firearms Training School's have been teaching individuals how to use firearms safely and accurately for competition and self-defense. With an extensive background in firearms training you will gain the confidence and proficiency in firearms handling you desire. Many of our students have gone on to win state and national level competitions.

Our staff of professional instructors come from civilian and government training backgrounds. Our instructors will provide you with the firearms skills necessary for competition and self-defense.

Through a small group setting, our classes are structured to give each client personal attention where they can learn and perform in a comfortable environment.

The Colorado Firearms Training School is your resource for firearms training. Follow our BLOG for reviews, training tips and personal protection articles.

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Available Courses

The Colorado Firearms Training School offers classes for the beginner to the advanced firearms enthusiasts.  Specializing in Women's classes, youth firearms safety, private instruction and group events. 

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