Defensive Shotgun Course

870 Rem

Defensive Shotgun Course Details

 Learn how to operate one of the best defensive firearms ever designed with confidence

This Defensive Shotgun Course will teach clients how to operate a tactical shotgun to its fullest.  During this course clients will be able to rapidly deploy and accurately engage targets, from a variety of shooting positions and be able to accurately place shots at extend ranges.  

All instructional classes are taught on a private basis working around your schedule. Group classes will also be available. Call or email the school to schedule your training. 

Learn the skills practiced on the front line by our first responder, law enforcement and military, which has allowed them to safely  to go home to their families.

Clients will be taught proper techniques to ensure the shotgun remains loaded and ready for use no matter what type of malfunction.

History has proven the shotgun is the best weapon for home defense. 

Course Curriculem

Shotgun Safety
Nomenclature and Operations
Disassemble and Re-Assemble
Proper Cleaning Procedures
Shotgun Patterning
Loading and Unloading Procedures
Marksmanship Fundamentals
Weapon Presentation (Drawing Techniques)

Immediate Action Malfunction Clearing

Advanced Shooting Positions

Barricade Shooting

Shooting While Moving

Responsive Shooting

Select Slug Technique

Course Requirements

Shotgun (Semi-Auto or Pump-Action)

Tactical Sling

250 Rounds Bird Shot (Factory Ammunition Only)

75 Rounds 00 Buck (Factory Ammunition Only)

50 Rounds Slug (Factory Ammunition Only)

Hearing and Eye Protection

Dress for the Colorado Weather

Class Schedule

Courses are scheduled on an individual basis.

Call to schedule a course date. 303-928-0659

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Course Fee


Training Location

Quail Run Sports Shooting Range

6852 Quail Run Circle, Kiowa CO. 80117

(303) 646-3868


Class Times

Classes will begin promptly at 9:00 am in the classroom and continue until 5:00 pm

Lunch will be from 12:00 until 1:00 (not provided)