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Security Team Training

Grace ChapelI have attended many training seminars in my lifetime for various training programs but yours stands out as one of the best I have experienced. There was no doubt that you were very qualified as a firearms and tactical instructor. All of my team members were more than pleased with the Safety Factor as there were a lot of firearms going off and they were all under your very close instruction and watchful eye. The curriculum was easy to follow and the commands were clear and well understood.

We all learned a great deal about our firearm, our personal ability to hit the target where we were aiming and I believe all of us felt we improved our techniques within the instruction period. 

You took the time to address individual issues and that is difficult with ten people in the class but each person felt as if the training was specific for them as you handled each of us and corrected our stance or how we held the pistol and so on in a very kind and professional manner.

The additional instruction and defense instructions at the Chapel were just what we needed as a team.

The team felt that they have a better handle on how to address threats in the church and how to organize ourselves as a team to come together when needed.

We will have more in house training based on what you have instructed us to do and how to improve our security.

The insurance information was also helpful as we knew we had hesitations regarding the liability we face each time we strap on a firearm.

We look forward to more training in the future with CFTS.

Best Regards, Norman Joslyn, Security Ministry Leader


Basic Handgun / Concealed Carry

Myka LandryI attended the Basic Handgun/Concealed Carry class. I do not have a lot of shooting experience and was reluctant to attend one for fear of not having enough knowledge. This class is great! They give you so much information and they actually teach you how to shoot and respond in an emergency situation. Because of this class, I feel confident that, with practice, I will be able to proficiently and knowledgeably use a handgun if it ever became necessary for my protection. These guys love what they do, and they are very good at it.

Myka L.

Basic Handgun Concealed Carry

Amy STheir expert knowledge, experience, background, and desire to provide students with the knowledge and training to handle a firearm safely and with increased skill level is incredible. The instructors have a passion to provide women with the proper training to feel confident in their ability to protect themselves. The instructor's ability and patience to work with all levels of students makes them a great instructors. 

Amy S


Private Instruction

No Image FemaleTo the Colorado Firearms Training School,

Being a recent transplant from Southern California to Colorado I did not have much, if any, real experience with firearms. Colorado Firearms training made all the difference. My instructor was very patient and answered all of my questions as many times as I needed and allowed me the opportunity to go over each lesson until I felt comfortable. They educated me to the anatomy of a firearm, what to expect while on the range, eased my anxiety with a full demonstration of the internal safeties and working of a firearm, and increased my ability and confidence with my weapon. Overall my instructor gave me a very clear and all inclusive introduction into firearms while preparing me for my concealed carry class. The results were wonderful. I was well prepared for my class and passed with flying colors. I now look forward to going to the range and I am much more comfortable with my weapon. I am excited to take future classes with Colorado Firearms in order to further my skills and education. I would highly recommend their classes for either gender and for all ages and experience levels. It was truly a fun and informative experience.

Donna Tobin


Basic Handgun / Concealed Carry

Len CI am myself an NRA Instructor and certified coach but my wife was given a free pistol safety/concealed carry course by a good friend. Somewhat surprised she would take it (given my certs) the Colorado Firearms Training School allowed me to audited the course with her. The School and its staff put on a well-run and very educational class and practical. I didn’t appreciate my wife wanted a different perspective on handguns and their training. It worked out really well and the instructors goes out of their way to make the ladies in the classes feel comfortable and safe. I would recommend CFTS and the staff for all your training needs.  Len C

Youth Shooting Sports Instructors

Laura TurcoTo the Colorado Firearms Training School,

Personal thanks for all you do, we have gained a lot of knowledge through your conceal carry class. All the training that goes into making sure your students leave with a better insight into firearms, and firearm safety.

This letter goes beyond your business, and into the many things you have done throughout the years for your community, and the 4-H Shooting sports program.

Many thanks to Steve Villyard for all his behind the scenes paperwork, and volunteering as shotgun leader. His time and resources often go unnoticed.

For the countless hours, John Kuhl and John Morgan give to the community, and especially to the 4-H shooting sports program, there is just no way to rightly say thank you. These men come to practice, and give of their time to so many young kids eager to learn. From the ages as young as 9 to 19. As leaders in several different venues, including but not limited to .22 rifle, .22 pistol, high power pistol,and high power rifle. Your knowledge and expert training have conditioned so many of your students beyond the county level, into a highly successful team representing Elbert County at the state, and National level.

We feel so fortunate to have you both as coaches for our daughter. She came into the 4-H program seeking a better knowledge into firearms. As the years have gone by, she has decided to take her shooting sports to a higher level. Competing not just for 4-H, but as a civilian at a regional, and national level. You both saw something that many others may have never seen. She came into your program as a natural, and you both picked up on that. In the time you have dedicated to her success, you’ve become more than just a couple of coaches, she sees you both as mentors, and part of our extended family. We look forward to many more successful years in the shooting sports community.

I must also add many thanks to Quail Run for providing the facilities. Without a place to practice and compete, this program wouldn’t be able to flourish as it has.

With many thanks,
The Turco family


Defensive Handgun / Concealed Carry – Defensive Handgun

Rick FColorado Firearms Training School offers one of the most comprehensive basic pistol courses in the state, if not in the country. I checked around other classes to obtain my CCW. When I inquired with the school I was told to bring 200 rounds of ammo for the shooting portion. The other programs either did not require any shooting on the range, while others said we might shoot 6-12 rounds on the course. I promise when you get through the course you will be fully knowledgeable and completely comfortable handling your weapon. I was so impressed with the school and the skills of the training staff, I also took the advanced pistol course...Had an awesome time.  Colorado Firearms Training School offers all sorts of weapons training, not just handguns. I give Colorado Firearms Training School ***** 5 out of 5 stars across the board...I recently acquired an AR-15 and will be contacting the school to show me how to efficiently work with this weapon.

Rick F.

Defensive Handgun

No Image Male"I have been a hunter for almost 40 years, and am experienced with my long guns, but not so much with a handgun. My shooting experience was limited to plinking a few cans or hitting a paper target for fun. When I signed up for a concealed carry class, I knew I wasn’t as skilled as I should be with my handgun. My wife took a personal class with the Colorado Firearms Training School, and the improvement in her skills and accuracy made me want to take a class with the school as well. The instructor broke down the fundamentals of what I was doing wrong and it made a huge difference in my accuracy and technique. All I’d ever done before was point at targets and shoot a few rounds. They showed me how to stand correctly, the proper hand position and location, the correct way to draw, where my free hand should be for safety, and how to use a better grip to avoid skewing my aim. When I took the concealed carry class I wasn’t even concerned with my shooting due to how much my shooting had improved and how much my confidence with my handgun had increased. The 3 hours I spent with the school improved my shooting more than I would have thought it could, and I unlearned a lifetime of poor shooting habits. I went from just hitting the target, to hitting the target where I actually wanted to hit it.

I am impressed not just with instructor's body of knowledge, but also with the teaching itself. He isn’t rushed, he doesn’t use unfamiliar jargon, and takes each technique and breaks it down independently so you can work on small things one at a time. He takes the time to explain thoroughly exactly what is going on so you can improve each small aspect of becoming a better shooter. I highly recommend the Colorado Firearms Training School’s class as a preparation for concealed carry, as well as for simply improving your shooting in general."

Basic Handgun / Concealed Carry

No Image MaleI strongly recommend the Colorado Firearms Training School and their instructors for firearms instruction. I attended the basic pistol course March 2013. The expert knowledge shines through from the first minute. I found the course material and instruction exceptional. During our instruction on the range, they provided a simple step by step process that within minutes had me performing better then I had ever expected. That process is still ingrained and is muscle memory now. I went to this course with an expectation of learning theoretical knowledge from text books and I walked away with much more. To top it all off, the instructors are super easy to talk to and takes great pride in answering all of his students questions and ensuring they walk away with a feeling of getting more than what they expected. I highly recommend Colorado Firearms Training School and I am looking forward to attending other courses they teaches.

Pete T


Save the cowboyWhat a fun and successful event yesterday at Quail Run sports in Kiowa, The shooting fields are clean, shaded by huge trees and just a lot of fun!!!!   A huge Thank You also to Colorado Firearms Training School for organizing a wonderful, well ran event. We have received many compliments on your knowledge and the professionalism of the pistol and sporting clays competitions.

THANK YOU-We will set the date for next years fundraiser soon!!!!  Save the Cowboy's 

Basic Handgun / Concealed Carry

No Image MaleThe instructors have a unique ability to teach to all skill levels and cross section of students. Their depth of knowledge and personal experience inspires confidence in students. Classes are safe, informative and fun. I highly recommend the Coloroad Firearms Training School. 

Corey W

Women’s Shooting Group

Jenna V"The Colorado Firearms Training School instructors are highly knowledgeable and effective firearms instructors. Excellent verbal communication skills and are able to share their expertise in a very comprehensible manner. The instructors are very patient and are extremely devoted to giving their time and specialized training to see that his students get the very best training possible."

Jenna V


No Image MaleI've worked with numerous firearms and security instructors, but the Colorado Firearms Training School has set an exceptional standard of performance. As speakers and instructors, the communication skills are outstanding. As teachers, the instructors demonstrated patience and understanding. As motivators, they convey the message with both urgency and immediacy, they effectively led their students in their pursuit of their knowledge. I highly recommend the Colorado Firearms Training School for their role as trainers and instructors. Brent C

Basic Handgun / Concealed Carry

No Image Male"I had a great experience with the concealed carry class with Colorado Firearms Training School. The instructor was knowledgeable about the topics and the course was well designed."

Tom R.


Defensive Handgun

No Image MaleThe instructors are phenomenal I learned a ton from them. Highly recommend the school.

Walter K

Private Handgun Instruction

James SI have hired the Colorado Firearms Training School on more than one occasion for one on one pistol training. I found the skills, expertise, experience combined with a very personal approach customized to my specific needs was an excellent experience.
I would highly recommend the school!  James S

Defensive Handgun

Art VThe Colorado Firearms Training School provides excellent training in firearms. Their knowledge of firearms, tactics, and coaching skills are excellent! Their instructor's are proven to be experts that is extremely valuable for all levels - from beginners to advance. the school is definitely one of the best firearms instructors in Colorado!

Art I

Basic Handgun / Concealed Carry

No Image FemaleMy husband and I hired the Colorado Firearms Training School for our firearms instruction courses. I would recommend the school to anyone looking for expert firearms training.

Vickie M

Defensive Handgun

No Image MaleI recently took the Advanced Pistol course provided by Colorado Firearms Training and was absolutely pleased with the outcome. My goal was to enhance my handling skills with my semi-automatic. The course gave me the training necessary from the positioning of the pistol on the hip, withdrawing of the pistol from it's holster, quick, accurate aiming and firing. The day long training was fast-paced, comprehensive, challenging and well worth the fee. The staff is with you the entire day and provide the necessary tips to enhance the training process. I would definitely take another course from Colo. Firearms Training. Jerry M

Basic Handgun / Concealed Carry

Sherry SThe instructors are very professional and have expert knowledge in their fields. I will definitely hire them in the future.

Sherry S

Defensive Handgun / Long Range Precision Rifle

IBill Jackson have received instruction from Colorado Firearms Training School in tactical pistol and long range rifle. In both cases, I left class shooting better with improved confidence. Their team are capable of teaching beginners in a low stress environment (ladies welcome), as well as taking experienced shooters to the next level.

Bill J