John Morgan

John Morgan

John Morgan, Certified 4H Shooting Sports Program Rifle Instructor

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Elbert County 4H Shooting Program Leader

With 45 years of firearms experience, John teaches his students how to bring their A-game to the shooting range. For 5 years, Elbert County’s 4H Shooting Sports youth program has benefited from skilled marksman, John. A veteran in firearms and a champion himself in the small bore category, John understands his shooter’s desire to perfect high-powered firearms handling and marksmanship.

John’s success as a CFTS instructor in teaching goal-setting – a sporting lesson that translates to life -- has helped many community members become familiar with firearms, the safe handling of firearms, and inspire potential enthusiasts to advance in the sport.

The greatest satisfaction John Morgan receives from his work with CFTS and the 4H Youth Shooting Sports program, is seeing his students gain confidence, achieve new levels of excellence in the sport and become top competitors in their chosen venue. Many of John Morgan's students have gone on to win state and national level competitions. John Morgan is one of the best firearms instructors in the business. 

The Elbert County 4H program has produced more champions than any other program in Colorado thanks to training and mentoring of CFTS instructors like John Morgan.