Security Team Training

Security Team training

Security Team Training Course Details

If the need has risen for you to train a Security Team to protect your church, business or event here is the course

This two day Security Team Training course will provide your team with the necessary skills to identity potential threats and effectively manage situations.  This Security Team Training course is designed to provide clients with the skills to protect the public, staff and the facility. This course will introduce students to the concepts of team communication and movement, observation skills, security operations, Use of Force, Concealed Carry Laws, Advanced Firearm Handling Techniques and much more.  

These techniques are the same that keeps our men and women of law enforcement safe and going home each day.

This course is a must for anyone that is serious about learning the advanced tactical firearms handling skills necessary for personal protection.

Clients will gain an undisputed certainty in their firearms handling and marksmanship abilities.  

Custom courses can be designed to meet your personal needs.

Course Curriculum

Day One

Team Communication and movement (Part one)

Move and shoot techniques

Active Shooter

Concealed Drawing Techniques

Failure to Stop Techniques

Weapons Malfunction Clearing

Emergency Reloading Techniques

Injured shooting techniques

Single Hand Shooting

Standing, Kneeling and Barricade Techniques

Day Two

Use of Force Laws

Use of Cover and Concealment

Cover vs. Contact personnel

Facility Emergency Plan

Equipment Selection and Setup

Reduced Light Shooting Techniques

Team Communication and movement (Part two)

Stacking Threats

Course Requirements

 Day One

Handgun (Semi Automatic)

250 Rounds of factory ammunition

Holster and Belt

Magazine carrier (Minimum of two)

Eye and Hearing Protection

Water and Sun Block

Dress for Colorado's changing weather

Day Two

Handgun (Semi Automatic)

No Ammunition

Holster and Belt

Magazine carrier

Flash Light

Training Location

Day One

Quail Run Sports Shooting Range

6852 Quail Run Circle, Kiowa CO. 80117

(303) 646-3868

Day Two


Class Schedule

Classes are scheduled on an individual basis.

Call to schedule a course date.

(303) 646-2565 or (303)-928-0659

New Courses are scheduled often.

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Course Fee

$275 per student

Class Times

Classes will begin promptly at 8:00 am in the classroom and continue until 5:00 pm

Lunch will be from 12:00 until 1:00. (lunch is not provided)


Grace ChapelI have attended many training seminars in my lifetime for various training programs but yours stands out as one of the best I have experienced. There was no doubt that you were very qualified as a firearms and tactical instructor. All of my team members were more than pleased with the Safety Factor as there were a lot of firearms going off and they were all under your very close instruction and watchful eye. The curriculum was easy to follow and the commands were clear and well understood.

We all learned a great deal about our firearm, our personal ability to hit the target where we were aiming and I believe all of us felt we improved our techniques within the instruction period. 

You took the time to address individual issues and that is difficult with ten people in the class but each person felt as if the training was specific for them as you handled each of us and corrected our stance or how we held the pistol and so on in a very kind and professional manner.

The additional instruction and defense instructions at the Chapel were just what we needed as a team.

The team felt that they have a better handle on how to address threats in the church and how to organize ourselves as a team to come together when needed.

We will have more in house training based on what you have instructed us to do and how to improve our security.

The insurance information was also helpful as we knew we had hesitations regarding the liability we face each time we strap on a firearm.

We look forward to more training in the future with CFTS.

Best Regards, Norman Joslyn, Security Ministry Leader