Youth Firearms Safety Course

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Youth Firearms Safety Course Details

Want to have your child understand how to safely handle firearms?


This Youth Firearms Safety course is designed to educate young shooters on the rules, roles, and responsibilities that come with owning a firearm. It will provide instruction and information on proper firearm handling, safety, cleaning and storage as well as proper range conduct and dress. This course is created to develop knowledgeable, well-rounded and safe shooters

The development of life skills is the driving force behind the Shooting Sports program. We want to create champion kids with skills they can use through their entire life.

Course Curriculum

Code of conduct
Dress code
Shooting venues
10 commandments of shooting
General firearm safety
Range Safety
Firearms knowledge
Gun Care

Course Requirements

.22 caliber rifle

50 Rounds of .22 caliber ammunition

It is not a requirement that a parent attend the course with children under 12 years of age but it is recommended.

Training Location

Quail Run Sports Shooting Range

6852 Quail Run Circle, Kiowa CO. 80117

(303) 646-3868

Class Times

Classes start at 9am - 5pm

Class Schedule

Courses are scheduled on an individual basis.

Call to schedule a course date. 303-928-0659

Course Fee


Youth Shooting Sports

Youth Shooting Sports